Hey, hi, hello!

OK, so here I am. This is a blog created specially for the “Get Noticed” (originally in Polish: “Daj Się Poznać”) contest. To cut the long story short: I have to develop any chosen application for 10 weeks, publish it on GitHub and write at least 2 technical blog posts per week, at least one of which must refer to the application. Although I prefer to speak my native language, I’ll write here in English in order to practise.

The application to be made will be Addregator – a web application for publishing ads. The topic is simple, because my goal is not to focus on domain knowledge and complicated logic, but rather on technologies. I’m planning to use the following stuff:
– AngularJS 2 – I like and am already familiar with AngularJS 1, but “it’s so 2015”.
– ASP.NET Web API – I’ve chosen this technology because I know it and it will act as my comfort zone. And by the way, it will provide some data.
– MongoDB – because I’ve recently learnt it and would like to practise.

It will be nice to have some automatic tests as well, but I’m not sure yet on which side to focus. Jasmine? Selenium? xUnit? The time will tell.


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