Getting started with problems

I wanted to be smart and set up things on my own. First, I grabbed this. Seems nice, but rewriting code from a video is too inconvenient and downloading the ready stuff is NOT as free as the video… Then I went here. It looks very similar but is an article. Unfortunately, I got stuck when trying to start the application after installing the concurrently package because:

error TS18003: No inputs were found in config file ‘<mypath>/Addregator/tsconfig.json’. Specified ‘include’ paths were ‘[” **/*”]’ and ‘exclude’ paths were ‘[“node_modules”,”bower_components”,”jspm_packages”]’.

The solution here says that adding some .ts file helped, but in the tutorial there is none and they say it works. And even when I added an empty .ts file, I got a bunch of additional errors (this is only an excerpt):

node_modules/@types/core-js/index.d.ts(1280,36): error TS2339: Property ‘for’ does not exist on type ‘SymbolConstructor’.
node_modules/@types/core-js/index.d.ts(1284,43): error TS2339: Property ‘hasInstance’ does not exist on type ‘SymbolConstructor’.
node_modules/@types/core-js/index.d.ts(1288,50): error TS2339: Property ‘isConcatSpreadable’ does not exist on type ‘SymbolConstructor’.

On the other hand, there is an issue on GitHub, whose status is open… How lovely. And I found yet another tutorial which suggested cloning some boilerplate from GitHub just like the official one. So the world seems to be against me and now I’m obediently going back to the only politically correct version, which is basing on the project template from the official page.


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