Finishing details of an advertisement

There is not much to write about this time. I’ve added a few issues on GitHub so that I have something to do in the following year. Concerning code, the progress is that I’ve added displaying details of an advertisement, which required some refactoring due to existing logic for getting general data for a list of advertisements. It is recommended not to load the whole database entities when we need only a part of the data, so I’ve separated view models on both the API and the client side. Adding new code was rather typical and tedious – a controller action, a service method, a repository method, pulling it all from a client service… I’m not going to show the view because it still needs some styling (or, to be honest, any styling). I want to have some working functionality first in order to measure what I’ve done and it will also give me content to style consistently using Bootstrap.  There is no fun in introducing a giant set of CSS only for a few divs, right?


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